Choosing The Right Commercial Property Agent To Work For You

Choosing an agent to act on your behalf is an important decision – and not one to rush. Just like in business, a good commercial agent should foster positive relationships to enhance not just your customer experience but your prospects of success.

So how can you find the right agent, with the right qualities, for you? Here are four key points to consider.

Expertise In Your Market Segment

With a local commercial property market that offers small, medium and large scale opportunities in the sale and leasing of commercial, retail and industrial properties, having an agent on the Central Coast with relevant experience and the right skillset is very important.

For example, if you’re developing a complex of industrial units and the agent you engage only has experience in leasing and selling office suites, then it is highly unlikely you will end up with the best results or service.

When you’re deciding on an agent to appoint to act on your behalf, make sure you ask about what experience they have and what results they’ve achieved that are specific and relevant to your needs.

Trust Is Essential When Choosing A Commercial Property Agent

Trust is needed in any successful relationship and in any transaction, whether of high dollar value or lower dollar value, as they are all important. Whether you’re buying or renting a commercial property, getting
the right outcome from any transaction is critical to your success, so it naturally follows that it is critical to have an agent who you believe in and who you can trust. 

Be Wary Of Exaggerations

What you really want from your agent is straight talk and honesty. If they’re overly positive and absolutely everything is golden, that’s a good sign they’re not being genuine with you. Dig deeper and ask critical questions.

Be Wary Of Over-Promising

Promising a client a good result is not a bad thing, unless the promise is disingenuous and misleading. If your agent gives you promises, whether it’s getting back to you with information or simply feedback from an
inspection, make sure you hold them accountable, as accountability is a key ingredient to avoiding over-promising and to building trust.

The property industry can throw up different challenges, such as an unexpected pandemic, but no matter what challenges may arise, you should have a level of trust and a good relationship with your agent to help you navigate any challenge.

Capacity To Act On Your Behalf

Literally time and ability. Commercial agents are typically marketing and working on a much larger number of sales & lease listings than a residential agent (not in all cases, but as an average this certainly holds up).

Make sure that the agent you engage has sufficient time and resources (systems, procedures, team support, etc) available to give you and your property the attention necessary to fit the outcome you need.

As noted above, capacity is not just about time. Capacity is also about what resources the agent can leverage within the agency, such as efficient software used to list and market properties, procedures used to ensure the correct actions are completed in each step of the transaction, a collaborative team culture, and experience to be able to manage priorities effectively.

The Next Level

You need an agent who is able to troubleshoot well to innovate and come up with the right strategy to sell or lease your property. It’s important that they don’t just use the most traditional methods as they aren’t effective for all properties. While traditional methods are effective (we’re not saying they aren’t), you sometimes need to take an alternate approach to achieve the best outcome.

Part of getting to the next level is ensuring you have the right agent who has honed and developed the right systems and processes around how they deliver service to clients. Remember, this is not just about how they may treat you, but how they treat the buyer or tenant who enquires on your property. You want someone representing you who gives an honest, reliable and impactful service time after time.

Ask your agent what they do differently to take their service and also their results to that next level.

A good agent provides outstanding customer service by communicating openly, frankly and honestly about all matters relating to your property.

Only with a relationship built on a foundation of trust and local expertise will you get the best possible result in any sale or lease for your property. So, please take your time when selecting your agent and do your due diligence to make sure you get the right agent for your needs.

Whatever your commercial property needs are, Chapman & Frazer’s tradition of professional service and integrity are there to help you through the whole process. 

If you have any further questions regarding choosing the right commercial agent, or if you would like to see if we’re the right agents to work with you, please contact us anytime on 02 4325 0208 or [email protected].