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2020: Tech vs Commercial Real Estate

It seems like only yesterday the year 2020 was some far-off representation of the future, promising flying cars, hoverboards and teleportation. These may have seemed like wild ideas a decade ago (and probably still unlikely to occur), but very few of us could have foreseen how pervasive technology would become in our daily lives.  Modern

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The Commercial Property Boom on the Central Coast

The Central Coast commercial property market has been experiencing a boom of its own following the recent boom in residential real estate on the Central Coast, and off the back of the commercial property boom in the Sydney market (that’s a lot of boom!). Just as the residential sector is starting to cool off and

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Keeping Your Leasing Options Open

Understand more about ‘options’ in commercial leasing and consider if it might be right for your business What is an option?   An option gives a tenant the right, but not the obligation, to extend their lease beyond the expiry of the initial term. The term of the option period is predetermined during the original

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