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Should You Lease or Buy Commercial Property

The question of whether to lease or buy commercial property may seem obvious to some people, especially while we have historically low interest rates, but there are many things that should be taken into consideration before rushing into buying a property. While purchasing a commercial property is a great move for many, that doesn’t automatically

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Land Value Growth

Land Value Growth on the Central Coast Offers Opportunity

Industrial land value growth on the Central Coast has been solid over the past few years, and we expect more growth to come. This is great news, as an increase in land value signifies an increase in the strength of the economy, meaning the Central Coast is a very healthy region to be investing in.

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Commercial Leasing

Leasing Tips for Commercial Property Owners

We understand that leasing a commercial property can not only have its highs but it can have its lows, especially if the investment is vacant. Having an empty space is like having no clients for your business, which can cause major financial stress. In this resource, we have provided our recommended tips to help you find your ideal tenant and reduce your vacancy period.

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Business men shaking hands to show connection

2020: Tech vs Commercial Real Estate

It seems like only yesterday the year 2020 was some far-off representation of the future, promising flying cars, hoverboards and teleportation. These may have seemed like wild ideas a decade ago (and probably still unlikely to occur), but very few of us could have foreseen how pervasive technology would become in our daily lives.  Modern

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